Cannot connect to webservice

Hi, I've been having this issue invoking webservices using Bizagi Xpress or the brand new Bizagi Studio.

The webservice I'm trying to get to is

I know that the service is working, and I can access it trough the browser, but when I enter the url in the integration form, bizagi tells me that it cannot connect to the webservice, to check the url. (I've attached a screenshot). I remember using this webservice before in previous bizagi versions, but I have no idea why now it is not working. I'm not behind a firewall, proxy, or so.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Answer

Dear Diego

We could access to the web Service. After you paste the URL, you need to click on "Go". After that, you will be able to select the method. Follow these instructions:




Dear Juan,

Some how my post 2 days ago has been deleted. I am facing the same issue but it is not due to Windows XP. I'm using Win 7 32 bit.

I want to complete this Workshop 1- Product Evaluation and I'm stuck at the Step 6 - Integration.

This is for me to show to my company's top management to consider this software. I can't show them something that is half baked.

Really hope you can assist me on this.






Some how my previous post 2 days ago has disappeared. I'm facing the same issue but it is not due to Win XP. I'm using Win 7 32bit.

I need help to complete this before I can convince my company that this is a software that is worth considering. I can't show something that I get stuck easily when I've been following the Workshop 1- Product Evaluation properly.

Kindly advice on how to solve this issue.