Can i use for ECM external sistem SharePoint 2013?

Can i use for ECM external sistem SharePoint 2013? i tryed to use WIKI instruction for SP2010, but its did't work


Dear Mikhail

Please review the following article ( order to have further information about using SharePoint as a ECM, if you have any problems to configure it, or it didn't works please let us know at detail, what kind of error you recieve, what is your system configuratio (hardware and software) and what version of BPM Suite you are using.

best regards

Luis Emilio


I try to use link from help like this: http://sharepointdev/_vti_bin/CMIS/soap/

end i have Error : Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I am also try links like this

http://sharepointdev/_vti_bin/CMIS/soap/discoveryService.svc/mex?singleWsdland like this: http://sharepointdev/_vti_bin/CMIS/soap/discoveryService.svc nothing helps :(((I have Bizagi .net ENTERPRISE 10.1. and SharePoint 2013