Can I implement a custom Role Provider?


I'm currently evaluating Bizagi to replace another BPM product. We have an application that has an integration with that product. One of the key parts of this integration is a custom user and role provider. The users and roles from the external application are used for authentication and authorization within the BPM application.

Is it possible to implement a custom user and role provider in Bizagi? Or would it be possible to create some sort of synchronizing service that updates users and roles in Bizagi?


Arjan Vermunt


Dear Arjan

The Security module in Bizagi includes an Authentication component that has great versatility in user management and validation. You may choose the type of Authentication from a series of possibilities that can be used by your Work Portal, according to your company's needs.

For your case you can use LDAP Authentication, With LDAP Authentication, credentials entered in the login page (username, password and domain) are sent to an LDAP Server for verification. If the server allows access and the user exists in Bizagi, login is succesful (passwords are not stored in Bizagi).

Disregarding the selected Authentication type for your Work Portal login, you may choose to configure a schedule in Bizagi to import and synchronize users from your LDAP Server into Bizagi.For more information about this option, refer to Importing LDAP Users.

Please. Let us know if this meets your needs or if you need to get additional informations about this topic.

Best regards

Luis Emilio