BUG new date

Hello, Bizagi,

I am using Bizagi Studio 11 in windows.

In one moment of the process I need that the user fill a form, but if he don't end to fill the form and click in "next" at the process in a predeterminated date (came from a xpath), I need notificate another user to inform that one user is late. I am using complex gateway event based to solve this.

This predeterminated date time xpath is made by 3 elements: xpath of datetime, another xpath for hour and another for minute (I know that Bizagi have the option to show in a form hour and minute in a date xpath, but my users dont use this and I prefer make an obrigattory input).

But Bizagi is giving to me the wrong date when I am using the new Date() constructor. Is weird, because the return of a date is a date plus one mounth, like the img shows.

Did I make something wrong?

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I solved this issue using:

var mydate = new Datetime(year, month, day, hour, minute, second);