Under Consideration

Browser session with a process form, instead of web link

A way to have a browser session running inside a control within a process form.

So that in a BPM we can navigate a user to different screens of different systems by controlling the URL.

This would allow a different DEV team to make a Dot Net MVC (asp.net) application, where the URL brings up a particular screen with parameters passed on the URL (this is very basic & standard).

However we want the user to complete information in that sub-form (which is basically just a browser session) and then hit the Next button.

Imagine an Employee Onboarding application written in Bizagi. Depending on the employee type, in a very large organization, we want HR to fill in some required forms on various systems that live outside of Bizagi. Since those other systems have a web portal, we want to exploit this.

Currently, I have to make a process form that puts the "built" URL into a process-level entity attribute, and display that information as a Web Link. This link either opens a new browser window, or new tab.

The user then needs to return to Bizagi and hit Next to continue to the next task in the BPM. It would be so much better to "open" within the same tab, inside a window (exactly like a Widget) without opening another tab or window.

If someone should like to build that Widget, I'll buy you a beer & poutine if you meet me here in Montreal.