Bizagi slow in fullscreen (not per se maximized)

I'm having performance issues with Bizagi. I just installed the application (64-bit).

- When I start a new model and create a new object, everything is slow (drag and drop is nearly impossible)

- Responsiveness is bad

- When resizing the Bizagi window to half the width of the screen, responsiveness increases drastically

My used hardware and software is:

- HP Spectre x360 (13")

- Full HD screen

- Intel i7-7500U with HD 620 iGPU

- 8GB

- Windows 10 build 17134

- All drivers are up-to-date

If you require more info, please tell me! I already searched the feedback forum but I couldn't find any similar issues.

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Dear Arjan,

Regarding your posted comments on the forum: please note that this forum is for dealing specifically with the Bizagi BPM Suite and its features - including questions and/or bugs, and client’s suggested ideas or positive comments.

We fully appreciate your feedback. However, we would like to ask you if you could share your posts on the Bizagi Process Modeler forum (on, where it can be viewed and treated by the

Process Modeler community and its experts.

This posted topic will now be deleted.

Thank you for understanding.

Meanwhile, we recommend you downloading our latest Modeler version 3.3 from to avoid those performance issues.

Best Regards.