Bizagi - Google Maps - Message Widget Xchange

1. I see the following message in the section "Maps" of "Widget Xchange": [Items not found]. (Screenshot_01.jpg)

So, What is the procedure to display the "Google maps" widget?

The version de Bizagi Studio x64 is

2. The tutorial (Interfaz de Usuario) requires the use of the map widget, so I need to know how to display the "Google maps" widget in the "Widget Xchange" option. (Screenshot_02.jpg)


Please, I need some response, thanks.

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Dear Oscar,

1. We are making some updates to improve the Google Maps Widget implementation. For that reason, the widget is not available yet at the Process Xchange.

2. We will inform about this incident to change the example of the e-learning course to avoid the issue when arriving to this point of the training. Thanks for your feedback and we appreciate your patience.

Best regards.