Bizagi always passes null(string)or 0(double/integer) to Java web service


I built a java web service following the steps in and the web service working correctly on Java EE platform. Then I tried to invoke the web service using interface(SOAP) through URL: http://localhost:8080/weServiceExample?wsdl and connected the Bizagi data model with the input and output parameters of the web service method. When I called the method via the Bizagi user interface and I found that Bizagi always passes null (string data) and 0 (double/integer data) to the web service method. I am 100% sure that the Bizagi data was neither null, nor 0 and the data types were consistent between Bizagi and web service. Did anyone encounter the same problem before? please give me some advice.

Thanks a lot!

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Dear Kaocago,

Yes, Bizagi has been designed in that way. Usually, some clients go to advanced options and create their own transformations.

In case that you need to analyse this, you can enable Bizagi traces. For further information: