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What would you recommend as decision criteria to:1. Create a new project ? Why not do everything in one Project for reusability of processes & tasks ? 2. Create a new application ? Why not do everything in one Application so processes can interact ? 3. Create Levels, Categories, Sub-Categories and ultimately Processes and Reusable Processes ? Within a organization, you typically model the processes from two perspectives:1. Organization Areas of Responsibility as the classification hierarchy: Divisions, Departments, Teams, 2. End-to-End process viewsObviously, processes need to interact across departmental boundaries in the End-to-End perspectiveHow would you create a project, application, ... model so processes can interact ? reusable processes can be deployed ? What is no longer possible when splitting into different projects, applications, ... Is the data model different ? Is the process model unaccessible across project/application boundaries ? Is the organizational model and user base different ? Thanks and Best Regards.


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Dear Peter,

There is no single criterion for organizing automate processes that depends on many considerations but it could provide some guidance. Efforts should be made to automate processes in single

project organization in order to reduce the TCO and power more effectively

automate transverse processes of the organization, sharing a single data model

and a single organization.

Within a project applications, categories and subcategories allow such group processes

for the business area in which they have greater impact. In the following link

to our documentation is an example of how to organize the processes within a