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Automatic testing tool - data assertions set to ignore - cannot build .test files manually (notepad)

After doing a "bulk load" from an external system into Bizagi master tables, I want to validate the business rules that were coded in the reusable forms against this newly loaded data, in an automated way, rather than have a user create a case, search for the master record, see the data and hit Next to see any validation errors.

By using the Record function, I can create a .TEST file for a specific key, and run it fine. I now want to make multiple .TEST files (like with notepad / script tool) where each other .TEST file uses a different primary key.

The JSON structure is easy enough to understand, but I want to avoid rebuilding all the data & collection xpaths, I just want to run .Test file #2 that uses a different primary key, and have the testing tool tell me if there are any Bizagi errors (validation or any scripted ones we did with CHelper.ThrowValidationError)

Nearly all of our forms have collections, and this error pops up and stops the test.


Collections should be same size to map. Request data differs from response data for xpath:

Right now I would have to create manually RECORD a .TEST file for each and every unique record, as each master record has different collection items. In other words, I want to create a single .TEST file, set all the data assertions to ignore, and be able to test different records.

This would be a huge task as I would want to test thousands of records that were loaded.

I hope that someone can help.