Auto testing problem "The recording cannot be performed. Check the console for errors"

Dear ,

I have a question :

1: Im trying to record a scenario, but when Im on work portal and try to save, I receive the mensage "The recording cannot be performed. Check the console for errors". What's the most comum erros?

2:I have consulted the recommended literature and did not find any error in my procedures

Bizagi.NET 10.7 in Windows 8.1

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Dear Mariana,

Usually this application creates a log file in which explains step by step what it does or even appears the error message. Check on the log file for further information.

Another problem can be: Every time you execute a scenario, Bizagi will create a real case in the database. When complete (and whether an error is found or not), Bizagi displays the Case ID so that it is easily found in the Bizagi Work Portal. For example, when an execution displays an error, you can log into your Work Portal (not via the Auto Testing tool), open the case and investigate the error.

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