Authorization failure when attempting to open a project on a remote BPM server

I have BPM Suite Enterprise 64-bit .Net v10.0.2 installed on a remote server, and have created projects locally on that server.

When I attempt to open these projects remotely from a workstation running Studio, I received the following authorization error:

"The current user is not authorized to access this project. Please contact your project Administrator"

I have followed the article, and my domain user is a member of both the Bizagi and Administators local groups on the server.

The firewall ports tcp/5679, udp/50002 and tcp/1433 are open to the server.

Bizagi Studio Security is disabled on the server.

I was previously able to successfully open remote projects on this server, but I must have changed a setting somewhere that has caused this current issue. Any ideas?

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Dear Hugo,

In order to solve these problems, you need to validate some items:

  1. Verify Operating System requirements: Some times these kinds of problems are because you can not access to Bizagi and Administrator group to verify users.
  2. After that, verify that the user who you are trying to connect belongs to Bizagi and administrator group in both machine: Local and remote machines.
  3. Check connectivity between local and remote machines. If you are using a internal DNS service, you can type machine name, if not, type the IP number.
  4. Verify in both machines that Bizagi Operation Service is up.
  5. Follow this article in this part "Connect to an existing Project in a remote server":
  6. Verify the firewall ports: tcp/5679, udp/50002 and tcp/1433 are open in both machines.
  7. Finally, restart Bizagi Operation Service in both machines

If you have passed these items, you will be able to connect to a remote project.

Best Regards


Hello Juan, thanks for the answer. I've found the problem...

I'm using Windows 10 home edition, and for some reason I can't use the "Local groups and users" thing. When I open it, it says that I have to use the tool in Control Panel... And I can't find a way to creat the bizagi group in there...

I've attached the screenshot I get... (it's in portuguese), but the translation is:

"This snap-in can not be used with this release of Windows 10. To manage computer user accounts, use the User Accounts tool in Control Panel.".

Any help would be appreciated!



Dear Hugo,

The home edition version is not supported by Bizagi Studio because it requires to create a Bizagi group to add users as well in Administrator group.

You need to use a supported Windows version.