Assisted REST Connector OAuth2.0 Integration

I am trying to integrate API for through assisted rest

connector. The connector URL is given below, there are no input parameters to

the URL -

Now I have tried using the same URL through postman. In postman we added the below information in header -

x-company = abcdef

With this input in postman, we are getting successful result in postman. Till now I am not able to find a way to include header information in bizagi.

One more

information to include here. This API uses OAuth2.0 authentication. So while

configuring the connector I have provided the input values required for the


When the

connector runs, it gives 400 response with error as bad request and as per the

error there is syntactical error. Now as the error is bad request I am assuming

the authentication from bizagi was successful. The trace is also checked on, and in the request file I see a blank json request as there is no input params. So now I am confused as there is no request

going from bizagi how can it be bad request ?

Please let me know if anybody is able to help me on this. Let me know if any further information is required.

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Dear Nilanjan

In order to extend the capability to manage headers to those beyond the content type, you will need

to use Bizagi Connectors (Custom Connector).

Assisted REST connector does not support passing header info other than Content type.

Please refer to below help URLs for REST and WebService connectors: