Assignment Rules when Entire Team is Assigned

We have a reach-out process where a member of a team must send an email to a customer.

In our organization, we have teams of staff members separated into Roles (Example: the team processing forms is set up as a role in Bizagi called Forms, and ALL users on that team are part of the Forms role).

Here are the Bizagi activities:

1. Send Email to Customer

2. Send follow-up email one week later

3. Receive response to email

(steps 2 and 3 happen in parallel)

All three activities are assigned to a the Forms role (the entire team). If a member of the team/role sends the first email, ANY USER on the Forms role should be able to pick up the case and complete the next activity. However, the next activities are always automatically assigned to the current user, I assume because the current user is inside the Forms role (the activity is assigned to the Forms role).

How do we 'release' the current user from the case, opening up the next activities to be 'unassigned'/assigned to the entire Role? The current user should still be able to pick up the next activity if needed (since they are in the Role specified), but the case shouldn't be assigned to any one user until someone clicks on it.