Assign case for multiple users and keep them visible in inbox

Hello Bizagi Team, I'm happy to be back working with the studio, the 10 version is great !! Good job and thank you.

I'm working on a process that organize documentation following the concept of the Documentation Management Systems. For me, each case is like a folder with some specifics data and files attached. My question is clear : Is it possible to assign a case to multiple users and let them access all time to the case in inbox ? I know we can assign the instance for many users, but the first that click on it keep the case and it will not be visible for all other users. The other question is : it is possible to keep also the closed cases visible on inbox ? (to avoid searching them by query form)

Thank you !

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Dear Ghemati,

Thank you very much for these words. Regarding your first question, Studio works the same as you know. The first user who takes the case, then he is the only one who can work. This is because the case is assigned to one user even though the assignation would be for multiple users. The case needs to have a responsible person. Regarding your second question, it is still possible through query forms, no through inbox site