Insert Array of strings to a Bizagi entity

1. There is web-service which returns list of file names (array of string).

2. This list should be converted to entity.

3. After all should be the task with opportunity of choice one point in list.

So, list of names is not static. How can I implement point 2?


Dear Glebars,

While configuring a web service invocation from your Bizagi processes, you may use the interfaces wizard to map your response values (an array too) into your Bizagi data model.

If you wish to synchronize lists of values into Bizagi's entities, you may also want to consider and note that Bizagi has different integration mechanisms.

For instance, if you want to save or update values of Bizagi entities controlled by an external system, you may invoke the "saveEntityAsString" web method available in Bizagi's SOA layer.

You may also consider using Bizagi's data-level integration to schedule a synchronization for your lists values from another data source (replication).

Best regards,


Hi Luis

You wrote "an array too". But how?

See the attached file. The left side (array) should be mapped to the right side (array). HOW?

I allready read your documentation but I can not find the part where it is described how to

do with arrays not only with single values. In my case, only one Record is written to the database.




Hi LuisI have the same problem. I've mapped the array return by the web service to the collection in my model and the field within the array to the field in the model. However when I look at the data only the last entry of the array is captured in the model.Any solution to this?ThanxWynand

Files: Map.png

Hello Luis,

I have the same issue OP, only I need to download a list of all clients and present it in the dropdown (for user to choose the right one). The example you've showed works well, however the returned type is an integer where we both have a need for an array (which in fact functions like a dictionary/parameter in BizAgi but temporary).

Is there somewhere a good example of successful downloading (from a webservice interface) and storing of an temporary array, that is then used to populate a dropdown in a form, and then the selected response is saved to the Mater data model?

The Forms only allow the controls to be populated from a master data model, not from temporary variables (or am I wrong?).


Any update about this issue? I Have the same.


Dear Users,

In our last release, we use a woy to get an array of items. A common scenario when having Bizagi integrate with a Web or REST service, is to handle a response which is incoming as an Array of items.

This means, that you may need to store one or more record into your Process data model. For this scenario in Bizagi, you may use the interfaces wizard and its graphical mapping feature to specify that such results are to be stored in a collection.For further information: