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Apply filters to combo field when inline editing on a collection before page refresh


We raised this issue via our support account and were advised to send a feedback idea via this forum.

We currently have a number of collections in use, which require only one field to be selected to add a row to the collection. This one field is filtered to show only relevant options, however, when attempting to select the first item to add to the collection, there are no options available. The filter is not applied until the page is refreshed.

The solution we have been provided is to use add forms on collections where filters are in place, which is fine if there are multiplt fields to be filled in order to add the row. Where only one field is required though, this is not an ideal solution from a useability point of view.

Please consider developing this functionality further.



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Having session global variables would solve this issue, where I have a popup on an Add Form, and in that form I show some collections as editable grids that contain comboboxes on master entities that need to be filtered.

Usually just one column, like picking a city record, where the city is filtered by a value the user has just picked on the form, like state / province.

Right now, the filter on the combobox in the grid only has context within that entity, it's parent entity information is not available. Not even in Edit Mode.

This is fine with parameter tables that show all records all the time. But when the data is not from a parameter table, a different master entity that is a collection for the record we are adding, we have no way to get form data to use.

Session variables would be ideal for this, Actions & Validations can set the value in a variable that has session context/scope and then any object on that form can see & use it.