Apply filter to each row

I have a table with several columns.
One columns is a checkbox cobtrol for a Boolean attribute.
I don't see "Apply filter to each row" in advanced properties of this control when editing the columns of the table.

Is it normal.

More generally, is "Apply filter to each row" supposed to be available for any control ?

If not, why ?

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Dear Walter,

There is no a way to create a filter for each row. The filter is applied to the whole table. Check these articles for further information:

However, you can implement actions to each row, For example:


For further information:



Dear Juan,

Thanks for your inputs.

Actually, what I do understand very well is what is a common use case (exact purpose) of "Apply filter to each row" option. And why this option is available only on some controls inside a table.

Could you please give an common example of using this option showing the difference between using it versus not using it ?

In advance, thanks for your hep to better understand.




Dear Walter,

Thank you for your clarification. "Apply filter to each row" option is only available for parameter entities which are loaded as a combo and the idea to use this option is to filter each row per element of the parameter. For example:

Suppose that you have a table with these attributes:

  • Combo is related with a parameter entity which has a description value (One, Two and Three)
  • Value is Currency
  • Description is a string

A filter to whole table will be like:

  1. <Combo.Description> = "One";

It means that the table only will show elements when the value of Description is "One".

But, if you enable the option called: "Apply filter to each row" and add a filter like:

  1. if(<Value> > 1000){
  2. <Combo.description>='One';
  3. }
  4. else {
  5. <Combo.description>='Two';
  6. }

it means that each row will be analysed with this filter, so that elements will be shown when values are up to 1000 with Combo.Description is One and values are under 1000 with Combo.description is Two.

Even you have elements with Description="Three", Or elements with Description="Two" but value=1000000, Or elements with Description="One" but value=10 will not be shown in the table.

We hope this is more clear for you

Best regards