Under Consideration

All checks and filters were gone when editing saved query of re-deployed query

Our users often do editing of saved queries to generate filtered result.

Recently, we received support calls that all the checked attributes and filters are gone when they tried to edit all saved queries.

Based on our observations, this could be happened when we do re-deployment of the queries.

Considering the number of queries and saved queries are increasing, every query has a lot of attributes to be checked and to be filtered plus number of users using the feature where saved queries are per user (excluding shared saved queries). So basically, we are lossing ample time to ask our users to edit and put the checks and put the filters every time we re-deploy those queries.

Allow us to share our humble opinion for appropriate behavior.

1) compare the redeployed queries and saved queries.

2) all items can still be found in redeployed query should remain as is (If checked should remain checked, if there is a value for filter should remain the value).

3) optional, change the icon of all affected saved queries and list of removed attributes for easy tracking.