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After clearing cases in Management Console, Studio test run doesn't run anymore


I'm Evert and made my first planning in Bizagi Studio. After running several cases, I cleared all cases through the Management Console. Checking metadata doesn't give any errors. Reopening the planning in studio again does give the inbox, but I can't create new cases or open existing case. It seems that the starting form keeps on loading. How can I solve this?

Regards, Evert

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Dear Evert,

Regarding this issue, you need to restart your IIS in order to update your work portal.

Remeber: Delete all existing cases in the current environment (for Development or Test only).

We look forward to hearing from you


Hello Juan,

Turns out to be another issue. Sorry for that... As soon as 'enable action columns' is activated, the form will not load. The subform/columns have calculated fields, which are updated by opening the edit form (through validation).


hi , i had sam as this prob after the Deleted Cases In Bizagi Management Console

project notin Run

i checked All of Bizagi Service They Are Run But I have This Erorr:

Cannot open database "none" requested by the login. The login failed.

Login failed for user 'sa'.

thanks alot