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After attempt to run deployed project get message: "Cannot update project. Wrong environment"

After attepmt to run deployed to Test project I get message: "Cannot update project. Wrong environment"

Test was done for local and remote servers.

Detail description attached in file


After first test that described in file Deployment_1

I repeated test on server.First I deleted old Bizagi installation. Installed Bizagi express. Remark- In doc under this link Previous consideration for deployment Is described next."In order to

perform a deployment to Test or Production environment, it is required to

install the same Bizagi edition as the one installed in the Development


The installation of Bizagi Server components in the Test or Production

environment, is done by

running the same Bizagi installer but choosing the "Server" option

during the installation"But in my case I didn't see this option.After setup downloaded process Vacation Leave from process central. After that I deployed project on the same server with name Test_VacationRequest_1.But I can't open this project with the same message as was described in first attachement.I attached backup of deployed project.


I think that project can't be opened in Test environment.

Is this the feature of Bizagi, isn't it?


Dear Vladimir

Thank you for your interest in Bizagi.

Concerning you question, we will clarify that the Bizagi Studio may be used to edit only projects into a development environment. To open and upgrade a Project in Test or Production environment you should use the Bizagi Management Console

Bizagi Management Console is the application used to administer Production or Test environments (to perform maintenance activities such as: following up Scheduled jobs, changing the SMTP Server for notifications, setting execution traces, reviewing connection parameters with integrated external systems, or manage licenses and clustering in your Production environment, amongst others). The Management Console is automatically included in the BPM Server when installing Bizagi Studio.

If you want to know more about the usage of the management console you can review the following article :

Please take into account if you have your test/production enviroment into the same machine (not recommended) you doesn´t need to install Bizagi Studio again.

Best regards

Luis Emilio