Adding image to a form

Dear Team,

I am unable to show the image on the screen in my work portal.

As answered previously for some other questions. I added a parameter entity and added the image part of it to the form and made it Editable=NO.

Went to work portal and uploaded an image to the parameter entity.

But I am not sure how to set the (ON ENTER) Event expression for displaying the image.

Could you please help me?

Another thing. Why is it showing false in the work portal even though I have uploaded the image. I have attached the screenshots, please let me know if you need more information.

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Dear Shwetha,

Regarding your question, You can create a connection between a master entity to a parametric entity. Doing this, you can select the file through xpath. Or you can also do what you need though SOA Layer.

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can you please provide the syntax of expression used in ON ENTER Event Expression to set image through xpath


Dear Team ,

I have the same problem , i cant show a static image via parametric entity to a form , please explain more detailed about it ..

thanks in advanced.


Dear Aayush and Reza,

Having linked a Parameter Entity named "Picture" to a Process Entity named "Request", the On Enter expression to get the Image would look as follows:

  1. var Filter = "Code=123";

    Me.setXPath ("Request.Picture", CHelper.getEntityAttrib("Picture", "idPicture", Filter));

Keep in mind that "Code=123" in this specific case refers to the value set to the Image file in the Parameter Entity "Picture" which attributes are: Code (string), and Picture (image).

For more information take a look at the following articles:



Dear BIZAGI Team,

please help me for

1. how to add icons ,for ex :home icons,delete icons,hospital icon,medicine icon to add small kind of animations and adding images,gif

more ex given file below,

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