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addCollection do not works

Dear support Team,

My application has a collection that must be completed when the "Carregar" button is triggered.

Although the expression code has been validated with no errors, the command Me.addRelation ("idReivindicacoes.SupAuxiliares") seems not to work.

I used a strategy to show that something wrong is happening. Includes command line CHelper.ThrowValidationError ("Numbering:" + TempVariable.getXPath ("Text")) immediately after the sentence Me.addRelation. During execution, the message is not shown in ThrowValidationError Browser.

When the line is placed before CHelper.ThrowValidationError line Me.addRelation, your message is displayed normally.

Please, see Erro006.png attachment.


Pedro Gentil


Dear Pedro

A member of our support team will contact you

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Luis Emilio