Add web page to Bizagi portal

Hello, Guys!

As you can see I'm newbie to Bizagi and Alfresco and I'm trying to integrate these two systems. I have connected Bizagi to Alfresco as a ECM system and now my uploaded documents from the processes are going into Alfresco folders. But I want to use more functionalities from Alfresco like full text search, search by categories, show comments of the documents and I was wondering if I can add a web page of Alfresco into the Bizagi web portal, so I can stylize it a little bit and make it look like one system. I took a look at the Bizagi's documentation for web parts and the integration with SharePoint, but the problem is that I want my users to use the Bizagi portal and just additional page (plug-in) for Alfresco. I guess I should create my own widget or component, but do you have any information if this is possible and where I can find some documentation.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

Albena Mincheva