Add values to a parameter table from a user interface


I am looking for some advice on the following administrative scenario:

When a new cost centre is added to our SAP system, a process is triggered. This presents the user with the two replicated data fields ('Cost centre code' and 'name') via a form.

The user is then asked to add the following information:

Level 1 drop down name for cost centre (to be used a parent in other processes)

Level 2 drop down name (to be used as a child in other process)

I would like there to be 2 options for populating the above two fields. The first option should be a drop down of existing level 1 names via a parameter table and if the name is not on the list, they will then be able to enter this via a text field (I'm ok with this part)

The element I would appreciate some support on is how to then add the name entered into the text field to the parameter table, so the next time a cost centre is added and the above information needs to be added, the newly created name will appear in the drop down

FYI - I am new to Bizagi and come from a BPM background, not a coding background



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Dear Amber,

Please refer to to explore the available options about populating parameter entities. You can also manage this feature at the Work Portal through the Entities Administration Admin user access is mandatory.

As you're using replicated data fields, please follow the URLs below. Those articles will help you to know better how to work with replication and scheduler.

Best Regards.


The answer I was sent on email does not answer the question


Dear Amber,

Can you please explain how the information is going to be added automatically if the user cannot find the right option in the existing dropdown list? If there's an inexistent value, normally you must add it manually on the external DB (source of the replicated data). Meanwhile, i'll share with you a couple of ideas attempting to help you with your issue:

1. If you want to update the dropdown list by adding external information from a DB to bizagi each certain period of time, you can use custom jobs:

2. You can use two controls to have a textbox to add a value if there isn't yet on the dropdown list as it follows:

  • Add a combo with the populated values.
  • Add a textbox as an input to receive the new value.
  • Thrown an error if the combo is not selected and the textbox is also empty.
  • The logic will be: if a value of the combo is selected, the textbox is not mandatory. If there's no value selected in the combo, the textbox is mandatory.

I hope this might be helpful.

Kind Regards.