Add output parametrs in soap web service


I have interfaces for SOAP web services. It had two output parameters, it worked fine. But now i need add three output parameters, i changed function, but bizagi don't use new version of function.

Old two parameters are not empty, new parameters are empty. Test of function show than the function returns value. In database interface's xml have all parameters.

What I can do with this?

Help me please.

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Dear Sofya,

In order to solve this issue, please stop the IIS and the scheduler for a while. Then, go to C:\Bizagi\Projects\[Project]\Temporary and remove all files and folders. Finally, start again the IIS and the scheduler.

It will update the wdsl of the web service.


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Dear Sofya,

In order to check what is going on with the web service, please enable traces. It will help us to identify the problem.

When configuring Web service invocations in Bizagi, you may rely on several features for error control and diagnostics.One of these features is the use of Traces whenever you detect there is an issue with the Web service invocation, and you wish to retrieve further detail.

For further information:

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Same problem.

Had a WebService that returned just TRUE or FALSE.

Trying to change to an object with two properties (one boolean and the other a string with an error message).

Even deleting all temporaries (bizagi and .NetFramework), Bizagi still requiring the previous single boolean return.

Any solutions so far?