2 Problem with Search in Bizagi 10.1


I'm having a problem in controlling search. I'm using 10.1 Bizagi enterprise. NET.


When I try to select a record for the second time the form is not updated. For example, assuming I entered my screen and looked for a customer but then I saw that I selected the wrong client and then I select another client, the new data of the customer is not returned.

The search is Submit On Change


I have an attribute called CPF for entitie Client. The Attribute is an string with 11 size, but the data that I will insert is always only numbers. If I have the record in my database with value 00919437109 and I try to search them I will not find but if I try to search 009194371 (2 numbers less) Than the search return me.


Image 04 for the problem 01


Dear Tiago

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