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copy formating option

Under Consideration Frederic B. 7 years ago Process Modeling No Comments
7 votes

options format font

Under Consideration Frederic B. Process Modeling Comments: 1 Reply 3 years ago by Alexander B.
7 votes

overlapping lines

Under Consideration Richard H. 7 years ago No Comments
7 votes


Under Consideration philip g. 6 years ago Process Modeling No Comments
7 votes

Vector printing functionality in Print preview

Under Consideration Bjorn E. 5 years ago Process Documentation No Comments
7 votes

Editing the content of artifacts header

Under Consideration John C. Process Modeling Comments: 3 Reply 5 months ago by Andres F.
7 votes

Order Diagrams in Diagrams Browser

Completed Pedro C. Comments: 5 Reply 1 year ago by Juan Z.
7 votes
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