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Allowing lanes in sub processes

Completed Daisuke O. Process Modeling Comments: 18 Reply 11 months ago by Anatoly
60 votes

Mac OS Version

Declined Nelson G. Comments: 28 Reply 11 months ago by Ivan M.
55 votes
49 votes

Automatic numbering of objects (e.g. tasks)

Under Consideration Erich V. Process Documentation Comments: 14 Reply 1 year ago by Kimberly H.
43 votes

Vertical pools and lanes

Declined Jiri V. Process Modeling Comments: 17 Reply 6 months ago by Juan Z.
40 votes

link sub-process from an other bpm file

Under Consideration Frederic B. Comments: 7 Reply 11 months ago by Patrick P.
26 votes

Nested lanes (lanes inside lanes)

Planned Alex Process Modeling Comments: 16 Reply 10 months ago by Andres F.
24 votes

Linux Version?

Declined Richard J. Comments: 15 Reply 6 months ago by Juan Z.
24 votes
18 votes

Visio 2010

Completed Leon V. 7 years ago No Comments
17 votes
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