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XPDL export-import of subprocesses does not display correctly if it has an Expanded view


To reproduce:

1) Create a process with an embedded and a reusable subprocess

2) Expand both subprocesses in the main process

3) Export the process as XPDL file

4) Clean Bizagi Modeler

5) Import both XPDL files

When the main process is imported the reusable subprocess is NOT displayed as expanded.

It seems when the subprocess is reusable the XML node [BlockActivity ActivitySetId="dae5dc0e-5d07-467e-a983-47fc69567804" View="EXPANDED"] is missing.

But this XML node is present if the subprocess is embedded.



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Dear Bruno,

After the issue replication, we verified that this is true and the expanded view for the reusable sub-process is missing. This has been reported to analyze the cause and the solution to the incident. Thanks for your feedback.