XML model passed to Aspose (to create a better template)

I used some Aspose directives to create a RACI Chart and some better documented process.

Is there any documentation about the model used to filled the template (Page, PageElements, etc)?

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Dear Ciro,

Unfortunately, there is no documentation regarding this topic. Thanks for your understanding.


...We do not have complete information about this but the following article might result helpful:

Hope it does!



Thanks Andres,

The article helps to understand some nebulous points.

At my company we need to create a table with all control risks points (custom element at process with custom attributes), to resume risks points. Another requirement is to create a table with all performers and their job role (a custom description added) at process.

But to do this, I need to create something like <foreach element> and then a <if element.type == "risk control"> then print it in a table... I tried all kinds of type, format, etc to find this property but I failed. Maybe you don't need to create a super documented manual, just let the Modeler export the Aspose XML so we can search on it what we need.