Wrong usage of gateway-probability during simulation

In the following model all gateways have the probability of 50%.

During simulation the first gateway is correct evaluated, but the second gateway not.

The second gateway distribute the instances 40% - 60%.

Please tell me how i can apply the probability correct.

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Dear Christian,

To answer your question, we want to compare with a coin. When one flips a coin, one can have the possibility to get 50%/50%, 20%/80% or 30%/70%, but to obtain it, one needs to flips the coin many times. In simulation happens something similar. To obtain a good possibility, one needs to modify the seed and/or replication of What-if-Analysis:

  • Replication: Number of simulations for the given scenario.

  • Seed: Value of the seed used to generate random numbers.

For further information:

Best Regards