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Wrong tokens counting in animation


A simple process with one yes/no exclusive gateway.

In first step of simulation, a simple animation, set Yes/No exclusive gateway with 50% - 50% for each branch. Put for example, 10 tokens at start event.

The animation result is not 5 per branch. One is 4 and the other one is 6. Which is not 50% - 50% ....

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Dear Walter,

To answer your question, we want to compare it with a coin. When one flips a coin, one can have the possibility to get 50%/50%, 20%/80% or 30%/70%, but to obtain it, one needs to flips the coin many times.

In simulation happens something similar. To obtain a good possibility, one needs to modify the seed and/or replication of What-if-Analysis:

  • Replication: Number of simulations for the given scenario.
  • Seed: Value of the seed used to generate random numbers.

For further information:

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Dear Juan,

Thanks for your reply.

Stll, I do not understand the meaning of "gateway routing" probability parameter. If I set it with 50% for the "yes" route and 50% for the "no" route, I expect getting always 50-50 on each route whatever max arrival count and whatever is replication and seed.

To me, setting "gateway routing" probability parameter imposes the Result to reflect a real situation for a given gateway, so we can analyze the impacts on the rest of the complete process.

If not was is the purpose of "gateway routing" probability parameter ?

In other words, what should be the setting to impose the real proportion on each route from an exclusive gateway ?

In just want to see the counting of the token. Not necessarily use what-if-Analysis.

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Dear Walter,

A good number of seed can be more than 1.000. How many are you using?

We look forward to hearing from you