why the branches probability gives different values?

In simulation process, when the inflow for the exclusive gateway = 20 and the branches probability = 30% and 70% the arrivals in bizagi distributed as 7 , 13 in other run 9 , 11 ???????? I think it must be 6 , 14 30%*20=6 7%*20= 14


Dear duaa,

In order to best support you, we would like to know if you have an example in which we can reproduce this issue.

Thank you in advance



This is my example

I am studying Little theory,

I recognize that there is a big differance in the results between Little expected time and what we get from Bizagi according to the theory:

the first is concerning the route probabiliy and the destributed values among the branch??

the second is concerning the waiting time and the time if we choose poisson or negative exponantail????

the third is about the results

>>>>>> if you acsept I can provide a whole example?

please I need answers>>>>


Dear duaa

The theoretical results are expected and in the long run; you will not get the exact results and the more tokens evaluate, it will be the actual closest to the theoretical results. Now, we explain the typical example of the coin: it is expected to launch 10, 5 one side and 5 face seal, but in reality can go 7 and 3, or even 10 of the same side. The more times you throw it, the more it will tend to be distributed as expected. We suggest you to have at least 100 tokens.

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