Why i can't open my vsd files in visio 2010 professional?

Hi, first i will say thank u. Bizagi process modeler is a gretfull tool. One Problem i have. I export my modell to visio and try to open this with visio 2010 professional. The modell opened but the stencils are an other one and the modell is not to recognize.

Thanks Domi


Dear Domi,

Thank you for the valuable feedback.

We clarify that the import/export for Visio files feature, currently supports the following Visio stencils:

  1. Visio BPMN Diagram
  2. Visio Basic Flowchart
  3. ITP Process Modeler
  4. iServer BPMN
  5. Frapu BPMN
  6. Tomislav BPMN

Therefore, please review that your models are exported OK for these stencils, as treated similarly in this topic:

Best regards,


Hi Daisuke,

yesterday a colleague try the import to visio 2010 premium. This version of visio inclused the microsoft stencils, but the import goes wrong. U think there will be an solution in future.




Hi Domi,

Regarding this subject, when the import goes wrong, does it show any error message?

If so, in order for us to efficiently follow up this issue, could you send us your model to

Best regards,