Under Consideration

Why does search not search all diagram elements?

I would like to search all diagram elements, e.g. milestones.

But it is not possible.

This would be a great help when translating models (search and replace).


Dear Bjorn,

In order to solve this issue, please tell us where you want to search your elements: at web or at Modeler.

Thank you in advance


My first thought was in Modeler. This is no 1 prio

But of course it would be great also at web.


Dear Bjorn.

It will be taken as idea because this feature does not appear in our Modeler. The community will have the opportunity to sum points. The ideas with many points will be added in future releases. Thank you very much.



Find is also not working as supposed. It will only search on the open diagrams, which is of no great help since you are looking for a certain string and want to know where they appear in the different diagrams. The replace function however replaces all strings regardless of the open diagrams.

It is also not clear whether tou can use sepcial search tokens like in Google with an asterisck, quotes and so on.

Also the finnd next is not circular: if it is the last find of the search string, find next will not bring you back to the first search but only by tapping twice on find previous will bring you back to previous find. Otherwise an find first and find last button would be great.