why do I not see my subprocessess in sharepoint?

I have published my process in sharepoint (with workaround of creating a .aspx file instead of html as the html kept asking to save and did not open). The process have several subprocess (re-usable), but these are not visible. When I publish to web, they are visible (even with.aspx file).

I have another process with two diagrams and in this case both diagrams are visible in sharepoint.

I have included all my subprocesses to be published in the publish manager.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks, Maaike

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Dear Maaike,

Regarding your question, when you publish a web output to SharePoint, sometimes the default file will not open the web browser, but instead it prompts to choose a program.

If this is your case there is a configuration error. We suggest following this guided article for your SharePoint 2010 web application settings:

For further information on how to configure SharePoint 2010 settings please review Microsoft's articles, such as: