web publishing doesn't work - dialog window gets unusable

Hi, I have upgraded to modeler V 3.7.0107. I could publish my process successfully only once. Afterwards publishing does not work any more, because the dialog window appearing when chosing the function publish to web does not show any usable content. Even the buttons like "OK", "Cancel" are not displayed. See attachment.

Complete reinstallation to V 3.7.0107 did not help. I had to deinstall the new and install an older version.

Regards, Daniel

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Hi Daniel,

The reported problem has been resolved in our latest Modeler version which can be downloaded at

The installer includes:

•Solution for Publish to SharePoint

•Solution of Word Templates

•Solution of sort according to the publication flow

Although the adjustment attempted to fix the punctual SharePoint problem, there were other publishing issues that were improved. Please proceed to upgrade it and let us know the results.

Best regards.


I am trying to access the file on the link in question, but all I can see on my screen is Citrix Share File and the circle in the middle spinning forever.


Hi Andres

Thanks, now it looks much better.

Unfortunately, there is another issue with web Publishing in the version you have prepared ( I click on alphabetical sorting of all processes, I store this in the "Musterprofil" (default profile), it looks well in the publishing dialog, but in the published HTML version the order of processes is random (see attached image). I will do further tests and try to find a solution.

Regards, Daniel



Problème en effet

Je ne peux pas publier car le processus s'arrête avant la fin et rien n'est publié

En outre, les artefacts ne peuvent intégrer le document sinon ça bug

Impossible de travailler dans ces conditions et je dois livrer un client

Please HELP !!!!!!!



I downloaded and found that:

1) The order of diagrams is not saved to the profile . INCREDIBLY frustrating! Every time I load the "Publish to Web" window I have to reorder the diagrams.

2) When I advance to Publish to Web, i get the message "Loading" and nothing happens. I've waited for more than 5 minutes and eventually had to terminate the task and restart Modeller. Several attempt with no success.

I and I think many others depend a lot on Publish to Web. You should not have released this version if it wasn't ready.

Please sort it out.


Dear users,

All the issues mentioned above were present until the 3.7.0110 version of Bizagi Modeler. All the issues related to Sharepoint and Web publish have been fixed in the 3.7.0111 version. Now the available version for download on our official website is the 3.7.0123 version. I recommend downloading and installing this version.

As always, thanks for the feedback. We are doing our best to improve our product.

Download URL:

Kind regards!