Understanding logic in simulation

I have a very simple simulation.

48 starts, once every hour, duration of performing the only task is 2 hours.

If I select 1 resource to perform the task, it takes 4 days to complete, as expected.

If I double the resources to 2, it takes 51 Days on task level, with 4 days total proces time?


It seems buggy to me. I'm struggling to understand the calculation logic because of this behaviour. I also have examples where a single task's time is bigger than the whole process' processing time. Also adding more resources to the same activity triggers unexpected results in the calculations as yours.


Dear Users,

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Indeed we have fully reviewed this subject and we detected a bug in the

pointed out calculation logic. It will be solved for our very next release 2.8.

Our apologies for any inconvenient you may have faced.

Best Regards