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Unable to publish to SharePoint

When I try and publish to SharePoint I get the error message 'Error while establishing a connection to the server. Please verify the information is correct.'

Now we have tried numerous ways to connect via different length URLS into different levels of our SharePoint file system however no joy.

All connections to our SharePoint go via Microsoft's Threat Management Gateway.

Is there any literature published which provides the details of the SharePoint site set-up required by BizAgi so we can review it?

If not is this an error others have overcome to get BizAgi publishing to SharePoint?


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Dear Dennis,

Please ensure you first select the valid URL of your SharePoint site (you may want to review that the user to publish has the proper rights to create content and images).

In the next step, you would then configure the repository and specific folder in which you want to publish. For more information, please refer to:

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I am using version 3.4 and tried to publish the model to SharePoint Online. I have no problem to see the SharePoint windows after I entered the url and credential. However, I could find any files are uploaded to SharePoint target folder. What could be the root cause?