This modeler is that slow...

Hi again,

I've been using Bizagi for a while with small processes (only few boxes and gateways).

Now the story is different as I model more interesting processes.

This modeler is not designed for modeling 'big' processes, I mean more than 15 activities...

It freezes and it's very slow when trying to move activities or gateways, etc.

*** My version:

*** My computer:

- OS: Windows 10

- CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6600U CPI @ 2.60GHz 2.81GHz

- RAM: 16,0 Go

- System: 64 bits, x64

I'm comparing again with Camunda, less nice, but far more responsive.

There was a fix provided some time ago that seemd to solve the slow performance issue, but since some releases it becomes a nightmare again.

What will me make continue with Bizagi rather than changing definitely?

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Dear User,

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Same problem here.

I don't use it often, but I'm pretty sure that the previous version was faster.

This version ( is slow and buggy, and I'm working with small workflows (up to 20 activities).

Sometimes I have to wait a couple of seconds just to change the text or move activity or flow arrow. Sometimes lanes are unresponsive, you cannot resize them, etc.

Problems should not be related to my PC. I have i3 7100, OS is Win 10, 8 GB RAM and SSD (NVMe).

Please fix this.

Thank you!


It's super UNresponsive here as well. Makes it a pain in the ass to work with

Pretty sure it's not my computer :

  • i7 8565U
  • 16Gb of Ram


Dear users,

We invite you to download and install our latest Modeler version 3.4.1:

If the performance problems persist, please let us know immediately through a comment in this same post.



Hi Andres,

It's way better indeed (not perfect but it's not a pain in the ass anymore)

Another thing that's annoying is the flickering when scrolling down. As you can see in the attached video, it does not happen when I use the pointer to go up or down but when I scroll using the mouse wheel.


Hi Alexandre,

Thanks for your feedback and be sure that we'll pass this to the product team so they might take this into account for next releases.