Not output window for editing resources in Bizagi Modeler

The window for editing the process resources is not displayed in the file. The corresponding item in the menu is available, but when selecting it, the corresponding window is not opened.

Earlier in this file everything worked fine. Information about resources was introduced earlier and is successfully displayed when a document with a process description is published.

In other files, everything is working fine.

Import of a process diagram into a new file did not solve the problem.

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Dear Alexandr,

We have been able to reproduce the issue. As soon we get news from our product team, we will write back.



The same problem.

But I fixed it in my bpm-file.

The problem is that I used Russian language for Resources.

I opened my bmp-file with WinRar, finded the file Participants.xml, changed names of resources. Now, list can be opened and used.


Maksim Panfilov, thx bro