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Tasks Will Not Publish

I've tried to publish my map and it only publishes the map and the header. See attached. Please help.

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Dear Khia,

The reported problem has been resolved in our latest Modeler version which can be downloaded at

The installer includes:

•Solution for Publish to SharePoint

•Solution of Word Templates

•Solution of sort according to the publication flow

Although the adjustment attempted to fix the punctual SharePoint problem, there were other publishing issues that were improved. Please proceed to upgrade it and let us know the results.

Best regards.


Even with the update i continue to have the same problem on Word Publishing. I uninstalled the old version and reinstalled it later.


I would also like to have avaliable for download some legacy versions of Bizagi, like 3.0 or 3.6, while the issue isn't corrected because the publishing functionality is important to my work. The 3.7.0110 didn't solve as of 02/06/2020.