Sup-process is not Being Shared


I was wondering if you could help me, please. I've created a project process with sub-processes that is being shared with other team members. It's being shared via OneDrive for Business. However, my team members can only see the main process, and they cannot see the sub-processes tabs at all. I've also tried to email this file to my team members and again they were not able to see the sub-processes. Could you please help?

Thank you in advance.



Dear Viktoria,

We would like to know if you have save the file as bpmc. If you do not have company access to a File Server or Internet, you can share your models on your own computer. As soon as you share a model, give your team the permissions to the file and folder through Windows' Sharing options.

Right-click the folder and the .bpmc file and select the arrow next to Share with. Select Specific people to add the necessary people. The team members added will have access to the model. socialbpm2_zoom84Please send us screenshot of the issue in order to analyze your environment.Thank you in advance