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Split Screen and dockable Properties window

I would like to propose the following:

1) the Properties window opens in a dockable format, that can be dragged to another window. (I use 2 x monitors and would like to have the diagram in one window and the properties of the selected object in the second monitor.

Related to this..

2) The Basic Description properties is far too small. Can I propose that it is made 4-5 times larger, or at the very least user re-sizeable.

3) Can the software be configured such that a double click either on the description fields opens the Rich Text Editor, and/or a triple click or control click on an OBJECT opens the rich text editor.

This would make things much more easier to operate.

Many thanks,


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Dear Richard,

First of all, thanks for sharing your ideas with us. These new considerations will be communicated with our product team and they will evaluate if it is propitious or not.

Kind regards.