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Spell check - change stopped working

Using Bizagi I was using the spell check for some time and all of the sudden the Change button stopped working. I can now Ignore and Add to Dictionary but am unable to introduce any changes.

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Dear Mieszko,

Please answer the following questions to proceed with a solution for this issue:

1. Did you try reinstalling Bizagi Modeler?

2. Did the "Change" button disappeared or it's only "doing nothing"?

3. The "Change All" neither is working?

4. It is possible for you to upgrade Bizagi Modeler or is it mandatory to stay with the v 3.2.7242?

Best regards.


Hi Andres,

To answer your questions:

1. I did try and it did not solve a problem. My teammates are experiencing the same issues.

2. It is only doing nothing.

3. Change All button is not working as well.

4. Unfortunately it is, at least for now, mandatory for me to use