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Simulation with processing times


I am just starting to experiment with the simulation function in Bizagi Modeler. It seems to have some interesting functionalities, but there are a couple of questions that I like to know before going further:

1) In order to use processing times for simulation, I wander if the Bizagi engine (which we do not use yet) is able to track (real) processing times of tasks. It seems very clear that it is possible to measure the cycle time of tasks, but I like to be sure that Bizagi engine can also track/log/record the execution time of tasks. If yes, how does is work?

2) To calculate the workload of resources for processes and tasks, the simulation mode takes into account a calender of working hours. In our organization we keep track (with Outlook) of the time that resources are unproductive (leave, holiday periods...) or indirect productive (meetings, trainings, travelling,...), so they are not working in core processes. What is the best way to integrate this unproductive and indirect productive time data into the calender system?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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