simulation results are not logical!

I have a very simple simulation of a process model from one task.


24 instances start, no interval, duration of performing the task is 1 hour.

If I select 1 resource to perform the task, it takes 12,5 hours to complete each instance!!

If I double the resources to 2, it takes 6,5 hours to complete each instance! Why? this is not logical for me!

May you please explain this matter! Thanks

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Dear Fachgebiet,

We have analysed this issue with our product team and we have found the following analysis:

In the first scenario, that means with one resource, the total time would be 300 hours, maybe you are viewing the avarage time. In addition, you should bear in mind that it has not been analysed at the moment the token is arriving because tokens are stocking at the moment to enter to the task, so that they require to wait so much time. For example, the last token needs to wait 23 hours to be attended.

When the simulation motor calculates total times and average times, the amount of it is very big. 12,5 hours is the average time for all tokens, no only one.