Simulation report export to excel fails

Good day,

when trying to export simulation results to excel I am

getting prompted "Error exporting to excel. Please verify it is

correctly installed."

I have Win10, Bizagi, Excel 2013.

I also tried the combination of Win10 and Excel 2016 - made no difference.

All other requirements ( were met.

Thank you!

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In order to deal with your request, please help us to know the following information:

Can you please provide us the further steps that you are selecting after choosing the option Publish>>Excel, it is to say, how are you doing the Select Diagram and Select Elements steps at the wizard?

We also recommend you to download our latest Modeler version at where this feature has been fixed/improved.

You're welcome. Best Regards!


Hi Andres,

thank you for the reply.

Since my post is already some months old I cannot provide you the version numbers, or steps I did anymore.

What I can do though, is to tell you what solved the issue: Removing all "special" characters (in this case it has been a single backslash "/") in the descriptors of all elements.

After fixing that everything worked as expected.



Dear Stefan,

Sorry for the late answer and thanks so much for your feedback in solving your issue.

Kind Regards.