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Simulation error using distributions

When I use distributions within the simulator (I have tried many different types), I get the following error in the log file and the simulation crashes:

ErrorInfo- Message: JVM method call failed. Method "com/lanner/lsimlink/". Error scheduling an event in the time set. An event with a negative time was scheduled in the timeset by an entity. Entity: "com.lanner.lsim.simulation.core.Token@62ade1b6". 
 Source: JVM Loader StackTrace: at Lanner.LSIM.Link.NativeMethods64.RunModel(IntPtr pModel, Double time, Boolean isModellingUnits)
 at Bizagi.ProcessModeler.BusinessLogic.Simulation.SimulationEngine.RunSingleScenarioSimulation() EnvironmentInfo- Platform: Win32NT Version: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 ServicePack: Service Pack 1

Please help!


Dear Jon,

In order to solve this issue, please give us further information to reproduce the incident in our labs. Also, send us screenshots of the issue.

Thank you in advance